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Gozuk: a reliable supplier in China of variable frequency drive inverters, soft starters, input/output filters and related accessories for AC motor control applications.

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Solar Pump Inverter
Solar Pump Inverter Solar pumping system is a series-parallel absorb sunlight radiation energy through solar panels and convert DC into AC power by inverter to drive centrifugal pump, axial flow pump, mixed-flow pump of deep well water pump system. According to the change of intensity of sunlight, solar pump VFD system adjusts output frequency in real time, output power close to the sun cell array maximum power.
GK3000 inverter drives model selection
GK3000 inverter drives model selection GK3000 vector inverter drives (frequency inverter, variable frequency drive) are manufactured by Gozuk according to China local inverter market demands, GK3000 frequency inverter have the same excellent performance as international high-end inverter drives to meet various motor speed control applications requirements.
Non-Enclosure Variable Frequency Drive - 1HP
Non-Enclosure Variable Frequency Drive - 1HP GK3300 Series economic low cost 1HP Non-Enclosure variable frequency drive (VFD) with compact design, it's the best choice for integrate system solutions. As there is no enclosure on GK 3300 series VFD, the price is extremely cheap. You can install multi VFDs into a big cabinet, which is very useful in textile machines and other highly-integrated applications. Since this non enclosure VFD being manufactured by Gozuk, it has been widely applied in weaving machines in textile industry in local China and global countries.
2HP Non Enclosure VFD (AC Drives, Inverter)
2HP Non Enclosure VFD (AC Drives, Inverter) Model number: GK3300-2S0015
Power capacity: 2 hp (1.5 kW)
Input: single phase 220V / 230V / 240V, 50 / 60Hz
Output: three phase, 0 - 400Hz, maximum output voltage is equal to input voltage
AC motor soft starter
AC motor soft starter Choose a different starting modes and parameter settings according to different loads characteristics to achieve optimum effect. The soft starter has three starting methods: Voltage ramp start - get the maximum output torque; Current limitation start - limit starting current effectively; Jog - to achieve debugging test.
Energy saving inverters for injection machines
Energy saving inverters for injection machines 1, Introduce advanced vector control technology in energy saving injection molding machine industry to enhance high performance, to solve the production cycle problems in old V/F control mode, and improve electricity saving rate which is 5%-10% higher than V/F control inverters.
2, Process pressure and flow signals at the same time to resolve pressure instability with single signal under low flow high pressure conditions.
AC Drives
AC Drives GK3000 series AC drives are manufactured based on sensorless vector control, current control, V/F control and vector space control techniques to change the AC asynchronous motor running speed by controlling the output frequency. GK3000 AC drives adopt world-class space voltage SPWM control technology, built-in current control loop to achieve high-precision closed-loop control mode for high accuracy requirements.
Frequency Converter 50Hz to 60Hz and 400Hz
Frequency Converter 50Hz to 60Hz and 400Hz Frequency converter, aka AC power source, is very useful for changing 60hz to 50hz (vice versa) while the input frequency of the electric equipment is not compatible with the power supply, especially between different countries. Solid state frequency converters also use for electric equipments testing where require pure sine wave AC power source. 400 hz frequency converters are general used for military, telecommunication facilities and airport.
GK3000 VFD for transmission applications
GK3000 VFD for transmission applications Gozuk GK3000 series variable frequency drive is designed as a special VFD according to automation control system, it's suitable for suitable for paper industry, metallurgy and other high control precise requirement industries, which is known as its multi-transmission points, good synchronization, continuous production characteristics, steady speed & high precision, high torque in low frequency and fast dynamic response. GK3000 variable frequency drives have the same excellent performance as international high-end VFDs, which can meet a variety of transmission applications.
Single phase variable frequency drives
Single phase variable frequency drives GK3000 series variable frequency drives (VFD, or frequency inverter, AC drives) adopt advanced control methods to achieve high torque, high accuracy and wide speed adjustment drives, which can meet various requirements in different applications for AC motor speed controls.

Power Capacity range: 1/2 hp (0.4kW) - 5 hp (3.7kW)
Input: 1 phase 220V/230V/240V, 50Hz/60Hz
Output: 3 phase, 0 - 400Hz
General motor speed controller
General motor speed controller Independent fan cooling design to ensure the motor speed controller has good heat dissipation, and improve the controller's environmental adaptable capability. Enhanced PID controller for users to control temperature, pressure and flow more convenient. Simplify the control system architecture and reduce costs. Real-time parameters monitoring for a comprehensive understanding of the motor speed controller's operating status.
Power range: 0.75kW - 400kW
Input voltage: 3 phase 380V +/- 15%
Output voltage: 3 phase rated input voltage
Low voltage variable speed drives
Low voltage variable speed drives The variable speed drive has unique optimized SV-PWM (space vector) design to achieve high torque, high precision and wide speed adjustment, to make the electric motor operation more efficiency. This low voltage drive integrates simple PLC, PID regulator, programmable output terminals and RS485 communication interface, and much more powerful motor control functions.
Power range: 0.4kW - 2.2kW single phase 220V input, three phase output
                      0.75kW - 75kW three phase 380V input, three phase output
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