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Gozuk: a reliable supplier in China of variable frequency drive inverters, soft starters, input/output filters and related accessories for AC motor control applications.

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AC motor soft starter
AC motor soft starter Choose a different starting modes and parameter settings according to different loads characteristics to achieve optimum effect. The soft starter has three starting methods: Voltage ramp start - get the maximum output torque; Current limitation start - limit starting current effectively; Jog - to achieve debugging test.
Motor soft starters
Motor soft starters These intelligent motor soft starters are manufacturing under power electronics technologies, microprocessor technologies and modern control theory technologies, it's an up-to-date international advanced starting device. These soft starters can restrict induction AC motor starting voltage effectively during motor start-up period, which can be widely used in fans & pumps, compressors and other heavy load equipments.
Applications: Pumps, Fans, Ball mill, Compressor, Belt conveyor etc.