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Everything about electric automation industries, like motor control, motion control, industrial communication, software etc, and the newest technologies around the world.
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8 Common SCADA Mi ...
by Jamesbed
04-10-2024 07:43 AM
Automation Technologies
Nowadays, technology, production, military, management and life are all inseparable from the automatic control technologies.
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Ethercat vs. Serc ...
by Skyesoma
04-13-2024 08:36 PM
Electric automation industries market information, like Asia, China, India, South Africa, Europe Union, America, from manufacturer to distributor/agent and retailer.
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by ErichWom
05-04-2023 06:35 PM
Specific Electric Industries
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Variable frequency drive
Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) allows the electric motor smooth start up, control startup current growing from zero to motor rated current, reduce impact to the power grid and avoid the motor being burned out, also provide protect in motor running process. Besides, it can adjust the motor running speed according to actual operation conditions, to achieve energy saving effect.
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Installation of V ...
by Henryneext
12-10-2023 11:31 PM
Soft starter
Soft starter is a electrical device specializes for controlling AC motor in soft start, soft stop, overcurrent/overvoltage protection, light-load energy saving and much more protection features.
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Starting slip rin ...
by Timox5ty7thycibia
03-13-2023 05:30 PM
Power Supply
Power supply (power source) like Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS), AC/DC adapters, Voltage Regulators/Stabilizers and Switching Power Supply etc.
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One cycle control ...
by Smithckh
03-02-2024 02:28 AM
Human Machine Interface - HMI
Human Machine Interface (short for HMI) is the media for interaction between the system and user and information exchange, which converts both human information and system internal information to acceptable by each side.
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Comparing SCADA/H ...
by Jeff
04-06-2017 05:58 PM
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Solar Energy
From broadly speaking, solar energy is the power source of wind energy, chemical energy, water potential energy and so on, solar power is an emerging renewable energy.
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Alternative Energ ...
by Volkmernbz
04-11-2024 12:04 AM
Inverter, mostly means solar inverter and PV inverter, sometimes it's the same meaning as frequency inverter use for controlling AC motor speed for energy saving.
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IGBTs explosion i ...
by Steventob
04-30-2018 07:33 AM
Energy saving
Protect our planet, saving the energy as much as you can. Share your experience here, how can we save more energy in our applications.
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Do Electric Vehic ...
by Daniel Clark
06-25-2014 10:56 AM