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Gozuk: a reliable supplier in China of variable frequency drive inverters, soft starters, input/output filters and related accessories for AC motor control applications.

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Low voltage variable speed drives

G800 is the new generation general low voltage variable speed drive developed & manufacturer by Gozuk independently, with high-performance, compact size, low temperature rise, low noise, reliable operation performance. The variable speed drive has unique optimized SV-PWM (space vector) design to achieve high torque, high precision and wide speed adjustment, to make the electric motor operation more efficiency. This low voltage drive integrates simple PLC, PID regulator, programmable output terminals and RS485 communication interface, and much more powerful motor control functions.Low voltage variable speed drive

Power range: 0.4kW - 2.2kW single phase 220V input, three phase output
                      0.75kW - 75kW three phase 380V input, three phase output
Input voltage: single phase 220V AC, three phase 380V AC. +/-15%
Output voltage: 3 phase rated input voltage

Variable speed drive Features
  1. Small dimension and easy operation.
  2. Built-in braking unit, high precision brake position.
  3. Independent keyboard, the keyboard can be separated and support hot-swappable, the maximum separate distance is up to 50 meters.
  4. Built-in RS485 communication interface with MODBUS protocol, and connect with various industrial devices.
  5. AVR function (Automatic Voltage Regulator) to ensure the variable speed drive output high torque under input voltage condition.
  6. Various protection features to ensure motor safe and reliable operation. Protective coating circuit board to ensure the variable speed drives running in harsh environments without any affect.
  7. Independent fan cooling design to ensure the variable frequency drive has good heat dissipation condition, which improves the drives environment adaptability greatly.
  8. Wide speed adjustment range and strong overload capacity.
  9. High steady-state accuracy and dynamic response performance.
  10. Smooth soft start and high torque in low-speed running.
  11. Good acceleration/deceleration characteristics.

Sizing machine, coating machine, photographic machines, photoelectric weft machine, embroidery machine, roving machines and other textile machines.

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