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Gozuk: a reliable supplier in China of variable frequency drive inverters, soft starters, input/output filters and related accessories for AC motor control applications.

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AC motor soft starter - GJ3

Gozuk GJ3 series AC motor soft starter adopt power electronics technology, micro-processing technology and modern control theory for designing and production with the current international advanced motor control technologies. This soft starter can limit the AC induction motor starting current effectively, can be widely used in fans, pumps, conveyor, compressor etc.AC motor soft starter

Soft starter function
  1. Reduce AC motor starting current, reduce electricity distribution capacity to lower investment
  2. Reduce start stress to extend the electric motors service life
  3. Smooth start and soft stop to avoid traditional starting equipment surge and water hammer impact
  4. Various starting modes, wide adjustment range of current and voltage, the soft starter is suitable for a variety of load conditions to improve process
  5. Comprehensive and reliable protection function to protect electric AC motor more effective
  6. This soft starter can be used in frequent start/stop occasions.

Soft starter Features
  1. Starting methods: Choose a different starting modes and parameter settings according to different loads characteristics to achieve optimum effect. The soft starter has three starting methods: Voltage ramp start - get the maximum output torque; Current limitation start - limit starting current effectively; Jog - to achieve debugging test.
  2. High performance: adopt high-performance microprocessors and powerful software support function to simplify the control circuit. To achieve accurate and fast execute speed, and high strength anti-jamming capability without modifying the circuit.
  3. High reliability: all electrical components of Gozuk GJ3 soft starters have a rigorous screening, the control board has a 72 hours of high temperature cycle test and vibration test, thus ensuring high reliability of our manufactured soft starters.
  4. Optimized structure: unique compact modular architecture, top inlet and down outlet wiring for integrated application installation easily.
  5. Multiple protection features: Gozuk soft starters have overcurrent, overload, phase loss, overheating, etc. protection features to lower costs and simplify the circuit.
  6. Keypad settings: easy and intuitive operation display keypad, set and modify the soft starters start/stop, running parameters according to different loads.

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