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Variable Frequency Drive Energy Savings Calculator

Gozuk notes that not all people knowing the return on investment (ROI) of a variable frequency drive (VFD) can provide, so we launched a simple online calculator that can estimate the energy saving ratio and payback time.

This online energy saving calculator help potential buyers to have an initial idea of buying a variable frequency drive for fan and pump applications.

% Speed % Hour
100% Hours / Day
Days / Week
Hours / Week 168
Hours / Year 8,760

100 %
Motor size (HP): Efficiency (%):
Input voltage (V): Frequency (Hz):
Full load current (A): Speed (RPM):
Full load input power (kW): 20.1 kW

VFD Cost ($):
Electricity rate ($/kWh):
Estimate annual operation cost without VFD: 15,860 $
Estimate annual operation cost with VFD: 7,988 $

Annual savings: 7,871 $
Payback time: 7.62 Months.

Energies are the main cost in industrial motors daily operation and variable frequency drives are gradually being treated as one of the most important devices for reducing energy costs. This online variable frequency drive savings calculator will assist non technical people, especially in purchasing departments, to understand such technology.

This VFD savings calculator can be considered as an indicator to help make a buying decision of a variable frequency drive reducing how much energy costs in fan and pump applications, and also makes an estimation of the payback time.

Electric motors in fan and pump applications consume significant amounts of electricity, estimated to be approximate two-thirds of all usage. For example, in a cooling tower system, the electric motor may just cost a few hundred dollars, but will consume tens of thousands of dollars of electricity bill over its service life period. VFD can be used for reducing significant energy costs by controlling the motor speed.