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Gozuk: a reliable supplier in China of variable frequency drive inverters, soft starters, input/output filters and related accessories for AC motor control applications.

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GK3000 variable frequency drive for transmission applications

Gozuk GK3000 series variable frequency drive is designed as a special VFD according to automation control system, it's suitable for suitable for paper industry, metallurgy and other high control precise requirement industries, which is known as its multi-transmission points, good synchronization, continuous production characteristics, steady speed & high precision, high torque in low frequency and fast dynamic response. GK3000 variable frequency drives have the same excellent performance as international high-end VFDs, which can meet a variety of transmission applications.GK3000 variable frequency drive

VFD Technical characteristics
  1. Adopt 32-bit high-speed motor control dedicated CPU
  2. Unique flux vector control algorithm
  3. Good low frequency characteristics, full torque output at zero speed running
  4. Torque control: Torque step rise time
    Open loop: Rated torque <5ms
    Closed loop: Rated torque <5ms
  5. Speed control: static precision, dynamic precision
    Open loop: 10% motor slip, 0.3% -0.4%s in 100% torque   Closed loop: 0.01% of motor rated speed, 0.1% -0.2%s in 100% torque
  6. Wide range input voltage, fluctuation range 304-456V
  7. PID multiplexing function. Feedforward control in synchronization
  8. Perfect over-current, overload and load short-circuit protection
  9. Multiple frequencies given function

VFD System benefits
High synchronous drive system, fast dynamic response, high control precision up to 0.01Hz.
Each part has edged up, went down, and tighten, relax function, can display each segment line speed.
The variable frequency drive system is easy to operate, can store several different set parameters which can be released before driving to facilitate workers operation.

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