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Gozuk: a reliable supplier in China of variable frequency drive inverters, soft starters, input/output filters and related accessories for AC motor control applications.

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Energy saving inverters for injection machines

Gozuk GK8000 inverter is special for injection molding machine which designed according to GK3000 frequency inverters, in accordance with the special requirements of injection molding machines. Gozuk GK8000 frequency inverters are mainly be applied to injection molding machines in energy saving transformation solutions, with good electricity power saving efficiency and fast production effect. This inverter also is the right choice for the motors need instantaneous 200% overload requirement.frequency inverter for injection molding machines

Inverter Features:
  1. Introduce advanced vector control technology in energy saving injection molding machine industry to enhance high performance, to solve the production cycle problems in old V/F control mode, and improve electricity saving rate which is 5%-10% higher than V/F control inverters.
  2. Process pressure and flow signals at the same time to resolve pressure instability with single signal under low flow high pressure conditions.
  3. Signal conversion board adopts Hall module, injection molding machine 0-1A pressure and flow signal being send to frequency inverter under complete isolation condition, the inverter also can be connected to 0-10V signal, to avoid interference to IPC and product quality being affected.
  4. High torque (150%) in low frequency, strong overload capacity (250%) to enable fast start, to ensure injection molding machines do not trip in heavy loads, like high-pressure plastic injection process, to ensure product quality and won’t affect production cycle.
  5. Dust-proof, anti-corrosion and strong environmental adaptability to extend the inverter service life.
  6. Mains power supply and variable frequency energy saving power supply switching function to ensure production goes normal during frequency inverter faults.
  7. Automatic reset and power off reset function to ensure continuous production and efficiency.
  8. Install filters in the frequency inverter input/output side to enhance anti-interference ability, separate strong/weak wirings, with full consideration in safety requirements.
  9. Built-in PID controller, to achieve close loop control easily for temperature, pressure and flow during constant pressure and temperature control.

Inverter Applications:
Horizontal injection molding machine, vertical injection molding machine, die casting machines, blow molding machines, hydraulic machines, punch machines and other equipments for energy-saving, energy-saving rate is up to 25-65%;
Air compressors, central air conditioning, industrial circulating water pumps, vacuum pumps, industrial vacuum fans and other equipment for energy saving, energy-saving rate is up to 30-70%.

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