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Negative sequence will not cause a physical rotation. This component creates a field which, though not strong enough, tries to counter the primary field, An increase in this component will cause the motor to overheat due to the opposition. a physical rotation is not likely to occur.
Like pumps, fans consume significant electrical energy while serving several applications. In many plants, the VFDs (variable frequency drives) of fans together account for 50% to 60% of the total electricity used. Centrifugal fans are the most common but some applications also use axial fans and positive-displacement blowers. The following steps help identify optimization opportunities in systems that consume substantial energy running the fan with VFDs.
Q: What should be the power factor of a generator connected to national grid in order to have maximum stability? Whether it should be high or low?
When you want to select current transformer with appropriate rated power for your power system, you need to consider that value of rated power of selected current transformer should be higher from sum of values of load and Joules' losses which are a consequence of flow current through conductors which connect current transformer with relay.
After calculation of Qc, the choosing of Capacitors type will be done according to the Harmonic Distortion percentage. Noting that in some case where the Harmonic Distortion percentage is high, we should use " Detuned Reactors " with Capacitors, and when this percentage is too high, we can't install the Capacitors before minimizing or eliminating the harmonics that their percentages are too high.
From generator side, the less reactive power, the better, as this power increase the VA and then the current to increase the losses on the transmission line which will be carried by the plant. But from grid side, as not too many equipment can generate the reactive power, the more contribution of the reactive power, the better.
Most solvents will aggressively attack the insulation systems used for windings: this is specifically true for the larger machines where mica tapes are coated / filled with a resinous material (vacuum pressure impregnation). However, it is equally true for smaller machines where the primary insulation is at the strand level and is essentially a varnish or enamel coating on the wire. If you're worried about how the solvent will affect the insulation system, get in touch with the motor supplier for their suggested approach.
Having products and services in the same company can either be treated as an opportunity or as a constraint. I strongly believe that having services and products in the same company should be treated as an opportunity, and that any potential constraints should be eliminated.
Programming parameters associated with DC drives are extensive & similar to those used in conjunction with AC drives. An operator's panel is used for programming of control setup & operating parameters for a DC drive.
DC drives with motor field control provide coordinated automatic armature & field voltage control for extended speed range & constant-horsepower applications. The motor is armature-voltage-controlled for constant-torque, variable-horsepower operation to base speed, where it s transferred to field control for constant-horsepower, variable-torque operation to motor maximum speed.
Controlled bridge rectifiers are not limited to single-phase designs. In most commercial & industrial control systems, AC power is available in three-phase form for maxi mum horsepower & efficiency. Typically six SCRs are connected together, to make a three-phase fully controlled rectifier. This three-phase bridge rectifier circuit has three legs, each phase connected to one of the three phase voltages. It can be seen that the bridge circuit has two halves, the positive half consisting of the SCRs S1, S3, & S5 & the negative half consisting of the SCRs S2, S4, & S6. At any time when there is current flow, one SCR from each half conducts.
Armature voltage-controlled DC drives are constant torque drives, capable of rated motor torque at any speed up to rated motor base speed. Fully controlled rectifier circuits are built with SCRs. The SCRs rectify the supply voltage (changing the voltage from AC to DC) as well as controlling the output DC voltage level. In this circuit, silicon controlled rectifiers S1 & S3 are triggered into conduction on the positive half of the input waveform & S2 & S4 on the negative half.
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Like pumps, fans consume significant electrical energy while serving several applications. In many plants, the VFDs (variable ... energy consumedA frequency inverter controls AC motor speed. The frequency inverter converts the fixed supply frequency (60 Hz) to a ... Motor starter (also known as soft starter, motor soft starter) is a electronic device integrates soft start, soft stop, ... Soft starter allows the output voltage decreases gradually to achieve soft stop, in order to protect the equipment. Such as the ... Soft Starter reduces electric motor starting current to 2-4 times during motor start up, reduces the impact to power grid during ...

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