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Power factor of a generator connected to national grid

Q: What should be the power factor of a generator connected to national grid in order to have maximum stability? Whether it should be high or low?

Steady State Stability:
1. National grid is like a infinite bus for an average size Generator. We can observe stable operation of generator within its capability limit for all ranges of power factor for infinite time , irrespective of power factor.
2. Observe the load cycle, The generators operate in overexcitation mode (lagging pf) during the day & during night ,when transmission lines generate enough reactive the same generators operate stable in underexcitation mode (leading pf).
3. Therefore as long as there is no instance of large disturbance, we can observe stable operation of generator within its capability limit for all ranges of power factor.

Transient Stability:
1. Depends upon the initial condition of the generator operation (see on Power vs Sin-delta plot)
2 The level of power thrown-off causing the disturbance & Equal area criterion of the energy balance & Inertia.
3 During transient/disturbance, the stability is ensured better if the angle delta (rotor angle or power angle) is small, meaning the amount of store energy in the rotating system is high. Theoretically this means delta angle =0 to have robust stability, but it is practically impossible to have power generation at that value.
4 In order to have maximum stability & power generation simultaneously , the value of rotor angle has to be non zero , on positive side. (negative means motor operation).
To Conclude : It means over-excited mode.(lagging pf ). Many colleges in discussion chain above have written near about 0.9 - 0.94 lagging . They are correct.

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