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There are many factors that govern the performance of rotary tube furnaces. A direct fired rotary unit has a potential for much higher thermal efficiency due to the direct contact of the hot gases with the material in process. Cement kilns are the most common large scale unit operation with direct fired units. Any articles you find on this will be helpful. Thermal efficiency can be estimated by dividing the inlet temperature minus the outlet temperature by the inlet temperature minus the ambient temperature in absolute scales either Rankine or Kelvin.
When conducting insulation testing, the most important consideration is consistency. Always test at the same location, use the same test voltage, perform the test for the same amount of time, and use the same test instrument. It is also important to note the motor temperature, ambient temperature, and relative humidity. It is also helpful to compare like motors and the motors that are operating within the same environment.
Using solar output distributed to offset the dirtiest, most expensive and most distribution grid loading power enhances and optimizes the value and worth of that solar generated power - both economically and ecologically. Attempting, therefore, to do all of ones' EV charging off peak is the optimal solution until the mix of energy sources changes dramatically - likely a 20 plus year process even in the most environmentally friendly "energy generation mix" regions of the world. Even if one charges during "peak", it is better to simply charge from the grid as the distributed energy is allowed to go to areas of peak demand. Again, for at least my lifetime, I don't project a more optimal use of that generation even assuming the archaic state of most "grids" persist.
1). Through this policy, it is a Systemic transfer of Public Property to Private Companies, despite failure of many Biomass power projects and Wind mills with a great loss of Tax collection
2). Lot of Debt is not recovered from Defunct projects, esp from Biomass power projects. Why not ask for repayment of Availed Subsides and Tax savings made
3). Why not solar PV projects be developed in every taluka with local entrepreneurs by collecting the Taxes from Corporate cos and arrange Equity to these Entrepreneurs!!
4). Let Government or Lenders have stake holding in these small, new generation entrepreneurs till they pay debt and equity by abolishing Capital Subsidy (and Viability Gap Funding) and Accelerated Depreciaiton.
5). International good quality investors can not avail AD, hence, there are players from Potato Chips, Jewellary, Brewery, Cinema stars or such industry to save taxes on profit earned through Accelerated Dep hence, a great loss to the national exchequre through this policy and hence the budget deficit…… CAG needs to take note…
6). Instead of Capital subsidy (or Viability Gap Funding), Accelerated Depreciaiton, we recommend the Interest subsidy only against assured power generation shall be paid for 10 to 12 year to reduce the tariff to the common man and also eliminate the EXIM bank influence to promote their country products and services, instead the interest subsidy will create the much needed LEVEL PLAYING FIELD to boost the Local GDP.
Present renewable energy policy is allowing these profit making companies to avoid paying taxes, and own the assets due to such FREE EQUITY, which belongs to the Government, thus Accelerated Depreciation (AD) is a killer of Economy. Thus, we are unable to develop the NICHE technology as unrelated industries are owning the project due to avoidance of paying taxes and just to own the assets due to such loop hole in the policy, later making an early exit to make quick money without serving the Nation.
A SynRM is a true AC machine with or without permanent magnets on the rotor. It is totally different from the closed-loop controlled, permanent magnet brushless DC machines (BLDC) in that one would never be able to get rid of torque ripples as that have been achieved in commonly used BLDC machines.
New improvements make a long list but one of the most recent is being able to switch a DB to and from optimised. How many times in previous versions did I forget to check the box then have to delete the DB and create it again. PID loop tuning function within TIA is useful and if you look on the Siemens Automation website (UK/Europe) the example files are growing all the time and they have some great examples that can be integrated easily in to application, I have used the ASi maintenance and monitoring example which was very well put together along with a few others. Even if you don't use them but need some pointers on which way to go they are a good starting point.
Stiff voltage sources are not problematic as long as they don't get in the way of the solver's attempts to linearize the behavior of the circuit matrix via step size reduction. It is the highly nonlinear stiff sources that are heavily fed back into the rest of the circuitry that can cause the solver to hang. Linear sources that are ground referenced or nonlinear ones that don't feed back anywhere are not likely to cause problems.
Unfortunately my report was based on experience for old engineer and recommendation of Manufacturer. One of the most important thing about brushes in high current density environments is uniformity. If there are any variations in material composition, manufacturing methods, dimensions, porosity, density, surface hardness, friction coefficient, pig-tail attaching means, size of pig-tail conductor, etc., there will be a variation in the current division and/or wear.
In order to do an extensive and credible study to explore renewable energy potential in each Taluka, State and Central Government Can hire international Consultancies with Video Documentation with GPRS MAPS to know the real truth and there shall not be much difference between reports and the ground reality, otherwise, hold these agencies responsible with necessary punitive clauses.
Depends on the size of the network (# of devices planned on connecting), for medium to large corporate networks go 10.x, for home and small business 192.168.x, or to 172.16.x. I would think the IP plan would be looking at least 10 - 20 years out. Changing IP schemes is hard, especially on a controls LAN, you wouldn't want to undertake this task to frequently. Also consider any routing / firewalling / DMZing that you may want to do between the controls LAN and the business network (ideally these are separated networks).
A low impedance fault is usually a bolted fault, which is a short circuit. It allows a high amount of fault current to flow, and an upstream breaker or fuse usually senses the high current and operates, ending the event. A high impedance fault, usually an arc fault, is a fault of too high of an impedance for overcurrent protection to detect and operate, so the fault exists for long period of time without tripping upstream protection.
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Like pumps, fans consume significant electrical energy while serving several applications. In many plants, the VFDs (variable ... energy consumedA frequency inverter controls AC motor speed. The frequency inverter converts the fixed supply frequency (60 Hz) to a ... Motor starter (also known as soft starter, motor soft starter) is a electronic device integrates soft start, soft stop, ... Soft starter allows the output voltage decreases gradually to achieve soft stop, in order to protect the equipment. Such as the ... Soft Starter reduces electric motor starting current to 2-4 times during motor start up, reduces the impact to power grid during ...

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