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Gozuk: a reliable supplier in China of variable frequency drive inverters, soft starters, input/output filters and related accessories for AC motor control applications.

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Open loop vector Variable Frequency Drives

- Use ordinary induction motor without installing speed feedback unit, to make a simple structure and low cost AC variable speed drive system.variable frequency drive - VFD
- Easy debug and parameter settings, the user do not have to be a professional or technical person.
- Good speed adjustment precision and wide speed adjusting range; strong anti-shock load capability; high torque output in low speed running status and smooth operation, fast response, up to 1.8 times of rated torque in acceleration and deceleration.
- Set up and control AC induction motor output torque directly.
Flexible input/output interfaces and control mode, these VFD drives can be connected to a variety enclosures like: PLC, IPC and instrumentation etc.
- Advanced self-learning function: After entering the AC motor nameplate parameters into the ac drives, the variable frequency drive will start static and rotary tuning by itself, in order to identify the induction motor parameters dynamically to achieve motor vector control function.

Power Range: single phase 0.4kW (0.5HP) to 2.2kW (3HP)
                       three phase 0.75kW (1HP) to 400kW (500HP)
Input voltage: 1 phase 220V, 3 phase 380V +/-15%
Output voltage: 3 phase rated input voltage

VFD Features
Drive's control mode: sensorless vector control, V/F control
  1. Speed adjusting accuracy: 0.01Hz
  2. Frequency adjusting range: 0.5-400 .00 Hz
  3. Overload capacity: 150% of rated current for 1 minuteļ¼Œ200% of rated current for 0.5s.
  4. Low frequency with high torque output: 0.5Hz, 150% rated torque output.
  5. Start/stop torque: 150% rated torque in acceleration and deceleration.
  6. Built-in multi-function digital PID regulator.
  7. Built-in standard RS485 data interface.
  8. Programmable digital input terminals: 8 bit, output terminals: 2 bit.
  9. Programmable relay output terminal: 1 channel, normally open/closed for option.
  10. Programmable analog input terminals: 4 channels, output terminal: 1 channel.
  11. Independent air-cooling channel, and non-contact soft start switching function to ensure high reliability.
  12. Combine with heavy-duty and fan & pump into one variable frequency drive.

VFD Applications:
Low-speed paper making machines, escalators, wire and cable machines, printing, textile and dyeing equipment.
Replace torque motor directly for ordinary constant tension winding or rewinding control.
Industrial and commercial boiler blower and induced draft fans by speed adjustment to control air flow.
Control central air conditioning circulating chilled water pumps temperature.
Control booster pump pressure in water plant pipeline.
Sewage treatment plant oxidation pond fan's speed controls.
The advanced design to make this variable frequency drive can be used in harsh environments in different applications.

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