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Torque ripple information from low resolution speed signal

I am trying to develop a controller for switched reluctance motor which minimizes torque ripple. My design is acquiring torque ripple information from speed signal. In simulation a high pass filter for speed gives me good ripple information. But in experiments I am using a 500 PPR optical absolute encoder to get the position and then calculate the speed using microcontroller (dspace) capture module. But the filtered speed signal does not provide much ripple information. Can you suggest any method to extract ripple information from low resolution speed signal.

1. In simulation, do you consider motor inertia? Inertia filters out torque ripple's impact on speed, resulting in a smooth speed signal. 2. Generally speaking, a low resolution position sensor produces speed signal of more noise, especially at low speed. I would expect more noise out of your high pass filter.

An encoder generally does not specify an accuracy for the A to A! channel or B to B! channel or it is so broad a spec that it is useless. If you have the ability to trigger a clock on A and B to determine the period between A and B channels the difference between successive reads will give you a good indication of your ripple.

In some cases of motor - encoder installations the mechanical alignment of the encoder to the exact center of motor shaft can cause misalignment noise to occur in the resolved speed signal. In theory the ripple signal could provide useful information however in practice there are too many other influences. Even the shaftless encoder mounting has some of these difficulties.

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