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Automation solution

Automation is a solution:
1. To reduce the manpower & the CTC due to them.

2. Few skilled technicians can run the automated machines smoothly, with much lesser number of errors & faults (as human is not directly controlling every thing & is not burdened with multitasking challenge for extended duration which causes fatigue and hence errors/faults)

3. The power consumption & time to market can be estimated & reduced as machines will be operated on time & can work for longer durations than human beings & they don't ask for tea/coffee/lunch breaks nor they ask for incentives. (Care for peoples who are maintaining them as well as care for machines which are earning profits for you, by regular maintenance & regular proper inspection of their conditions). Now days very good automatic power mgmt processors/controllers are available which can maintain the power as per the defined conditions as per the load & real time necessity.

4. Train the operators / technicians regularly to keep them up to date with tricks / methods / operations / principals to handle most situations by their own (will reduce the cost of a nonsense manager who is kept to yell, threat & discriminate subordinates and know only one slogan: "do it properly, otherwise, i will ...."). A training department which actually hold the capability to technically train employees from labor to talented engineers is a necessity of this age, as things are not remains just a lifting boulder & digging holes. We are living in an advance age in which we are having many expectations, competition & external pressures.

5. Finance bugs cries for expenses on NRE costs, salaries & treats this investments like invested in a share/equity/debt fund, but, earning from a business & financial mgmt capability must be inline with level & operations performed by the company. Instead of keeping low minds in tech industries, hire the engineers who has reached to an expertise level in automation industry & know the in depth issues occurring in between & underneath to estimate & expect correct values & timelines. Qualified project managers are much more realistic in their approaches, thoughts, assumptions & mentality.

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