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Is frequency inverter better than soft starter in motor control?

There are hundreds of applications for a frequency inverter. I use them on a pump to test pumps with voltages from 208-600VAC 3PH 50 and 60 HZ. You just have to size the frequency inverter to the largest 208 HP motor, so it can handle the current. Many people are installing them on pumps, fans and air compressors to get the energy savings of lowering the speed on the motor to maintain the pressure, temperature and flow. Frequency inverters also have the ability to ride through power dips, since the DC bus to store in a capacitor bank.

It is correct the frequency inverter will reduce the staring current of and induction Motor, but as all of you know that the motor have to drive a load the starting torque is related to starting current, also the main role of frequency inverter is to control the speed.
The starting current is related to the rotor conductor structure or classes because we can get direct starting currents within 1.5-4 times the full load depend on the squirrel cage design or construction.

The effect is, that at the reduced frequency during start, the full torque can still be developed at nominal current. As soon as the frequency hits the nominal slip frequency, the nominal torque will also be developed, at nominal full-load current. (The slip frequency is the nominal frequency multiplied by the full load slip percentage, i.e. around 2.5Hz for a 50Hz motor with a full load slip of 5%).

It really depends on the application. If you are only interested in starting current, then soft start is what you need.

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