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Grain Storage system

A Grain Storage system usually consists of the following elements

1. A means of measuring Grain coming in and out- Usually a truck scale or a bulk weighing system. In addition some applications require measuring grain between transfers to different bins and a bulk weighing system is usually used for that.

2. A means of transferring between different operations or storage location- Conveyors, screws, buckets, pneumatic, wheel house.

3. Dust Collection

4. And Equipment for the operations that will be performed, drying, cleaning, screening, grading, sampling, roasting, steaming, packaging etc.

A system I have just completed was 24 containers + 3 buildings for storage with 76 conveyors, 3 drop-off and 3 loading points. Connection to ERP system and weigh scales to weigh trucks and send them to the correct bay. Local HMI on each bay ensured correct lorry goes to correct bay. Main conveyor runs are automatically selected. Manual option to run all conveyors to move grain around.

System used Ethernet infrastructure with hubs mounted strategically around tank farm. Also implemented soft starter with Ethernet connectivity, thus allowing easy monitoring of current consumption + for maintenance.

The future-proof design will allow customer to install level and humidity measurement in the future using the Analogue IO connected on Ethernet.

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