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Before you attempt to dissipate causative factors of harmonics verbally, you take a look at several studies done by NEMA regarding such, and look into variable frequency drive (VFD) a bit better. You can view articles and studies by subscribing to the NEMA newsletter, and find other sources quite readily through NEMA. It's an easily accessible place for many current dissertations on this and other electrical topics, with excellent subject matter.

Categorizing all VFDs into the same bucket doesn't get it. You can also look at EPRI reports done better than 15 years ago on this and other VFD oriented subjects. Of course, all VFDs use Pulse Width Modulation to create the AC type wave form output (AKA 'Sinusoidal Flows) and of course all have rectifiers at the top end, as do all computers, PLCs, and many solid state control components. The differences of transient creation on the outputs of variable frequency drives depend upon the quality of the wave form output. The more transients or 'spikes' in the wave form, the more disruption potential. The quality of outputs of variable frequency drives can clearly be seen in testing with oscilloscopes. Several VFDs on the market significantly reduce this effect with chokes up front, and on the output. It really is a garbage in/garbage out situation that lesser drives don't bother to address.
When conducting insulation testing, the most important consideration is consistency. Always test at the same location, use the same test voltage, perform the test for the same amount of time, and use the same test instrument. It is also important to note the motor temperature, ambient temperature, and relative humidity. It is also helpful to compare like motors and the motors that are operating within the same environment.
Depends on the size of the network (# of devices planned on connecting), for medium to large corporate networks go 10.x, for home and small business 192.168.x, or to 172.16.x. I would think the IP plan would be looking at least 10 - 20 years out. Changing IP schemes is hard, especially on a controls LAN, you wouldn't want to undertake this task to frequently. Also consider any routing / firewalling / DMZing that you may want to do between the controls LAN and the business network (ideally these are separated networks).
When you want to select current transformer with appropriate rated power for your power system, you need to consider that value of rated power of selected current transformer should be higher from sum of values of load and Joules' losses which are a consequence of flow current through conductors which connect current transformer with relay.
From generator side, the less reactive power, the better, as this power increase the VA and then the current to increase the losses on the transmission line which will be carried by the plant. But from grid side, as not too many equipment can generate the reactive power, the more contribution of the reactive power, the better.
Most solvents will aggressively attack the insulation systems used for windings: this is specifically true for the larger machines where mica tapes are coated / filled with a resinous material (vacuum pressure impregnation). However, it is equally true for smaller machines where the primary insulation is at the strand level and is essentially a varnish or enamel coating on the wire. If you're worried about how the solvent will affect the insulation system, get in touch with the motor supplier for their suggested approach.
Having products and services in the same company can either be treated as an opportunity or as a constraint. I strongly believe that having services and products in the same company should be treated as an opportunity, and that any potential constraints should be eliminated.
The power industry has many tentacles. Energy production is one key subset, the design, manufacture, installation and operation of hydro, nuclear, fossil, renewables, etc is continuing to grow especially in the renewable area.
I have contracted with lots of different groups and moving within the same company to save failed projects or project in trouble or impossible to implement and helped these groups to achieve company goal. What I have noticed is that less the managers or groups know less they realize more knowledge or experience can help them. Less they know, less they understand they need help because they don't know what they need. They think they are just fine until it is too late and a group or company goes under because of it.
Many years ago we used to call this the "what ifs?". Part of the design phase is when we model what we think the system is meant to do. Just as important is how the system is meant to react when things are not going well, the abnormal situations or what ifs?
Panel operator experienced some problems with valve 1 (gas entry) in vessel 2 because it should open but immediately it received the close command. Instruments technician check that orders coming from the DCS were OK, and also check the valves by injecting the open order, so, they and operation staff concluded that "the program has some kind of problem".
The guy asked for suggestions on how to improve troubleshooting techniques. I mentioned this earlier as a "suggestion" for starters but the idea got lost in all the complaining and totally irrelevant responses like the one above.
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