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Chinese domestic variable frequency drive development trend

Jul 05, 2013 23:59 PM
In 21st century, China domestic variable frequency drives rise and enter into the high-end VFD market gradually. Shanghai and Shenzhen became the forefront of China domestic inverter drives development. But compare with foreign drives, there is still a lot of problems. Technology and market planning is the two biggest problems need to be addressed.

Technological innovation is the weakness of Chinese domestic variable frequency drive manufacturers. Late starting and technological backwardness make China VFDs at a disadvantage position in competition with foreign VFDs, particularly in the steel industry, rail transportation and other industries need high technical requirements, thus the domestic inverter drives rarely enter. So this also inspires China domestic variable frequency drive manufacturer increase more investment in technology development.

Data shows that Chinese domestic variable frequency drive potential market will reach more than 120 billion Yuan. As the inverter drives are widely used in lots of industries, therefore, promote domestic VFD manufacturers specializing in business transformation and then breakdown the industry market, and this change has also led the whole industry chain to the market segmentation trend.