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China inverter brands against foreign inverter brands

Jul 02, 2013 22:02 PM
When we are talking about frequency inverters, normally it's related energy saving. In fact, energy saving is just one function in inverter applications, its high precision speed control, as well as to enhance automation level and improve production efficiency which to make it being used in a broad and universal applications. Nowadays, almost all industrial production lines, process control and various sophisticated production equipments are inseparable from the inverters.

With the automation level goes up, all industries have higher requirements in high-precision, high-efficiency and high-speed control. Therefore, the frequency inverter also needs to change according to market changes, like in control precision, efficiency, size, environmental tolerance etc. Customers also have higher requirements of the inverters in reliability, price and adaptability.

As China concerns more and more in air quality, then the environmental protection industry will usher in a lot of new equipment and renovation of old equipment. Chinese policies to support new energy, new energy automotive industry and high-end equipment manufacturing industries, which also will bring huge demands for the inverter drives.

But, compare with imported frequency inverters, China domestic inverter's technologies need to take some time to catch up. Although in recent years the use of localization inverter brands have some advantages, but in overall, the strength of China frequency inverter's industries is still relatively weak. Despite technology, manufacturing, industrial design, or in financial, China domestic inverter brands still have a certain gap with foreign brands.