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Why there are different type's conductor cables, like EPR, XLPE

As far as the cables insulation material is concerned, EPR and XLPE insulated cables to some extent are having similar properties. In this respect, there are different types of Electrical cables such as ETFE ,FP, HOFR , LSF,LSOH, MI, PILC, TRS, VR, CTS, CSP, PTFE, etc.

However, it may be necessary to conduct a rough comparison (insulation) between the PVC and XLPE cables to clear the picture.
1. PVC/SWA/PVC multicore sheathed cables are manufactured in all sizes up to 400 mm² in accordance to BS 6346, the allowable operating temperature up to 70 °C.
2. XLPE Cables are used at max. ambient temp. of 90°C and are made to BS 5467. These cables have better insulation qualities than PVC and available in sizes up to 400 mm² or 1000 mm² Single Core.

Both type of cables are easy to lay and bending and they have less bending radius up 8 times nominal diameter.

These Different types of cables are not only based on the insulation material, are also either classified as cables of Aluminum conductors or Copper Conductors. Regardless, each has it own characteristics which can be appropriate to a range of installation / application since there are many wiring systems that may be adopted. In deciding the type of wiring system for particular, many factors have to be taken into consideration e.g....

a. Whether alteration & extensions are expected or not. Also, whether is going to be executed during the construction, in a completed project or as an extension of existing system.
b. Type of Project / building, function, purposes and ambient and environmental conditions.
c. Expected duration (life time) of the Installation.
d. The required layout, safety & constraints.
e. Feasibility & Cost

Eventually, I confirm that armored PVC & XLPE Insulated cables are now being used widely for feeders, submain cables & Industrial Installations.
Such Cable consists of multi conductors insulated by PVC or XLPE, with PVC sheath and steel wire armor (SWA), and PVC sheath overall.

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