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VFD replace mechanical gearbox to drive the load

Can an AC drive to replace the mechanical gearbox that used to decrease motor speed in conveyor application i.e to use a motor that will drive the load directly throw a coupling, belt or chain, without gearbox, motor rated up to 18.5 kw.

Theoretical is true as far the speed variation is concerned. Practically is not recommended for your application if the conveyor is required to be used with constant speed, on the other hand the gearbox also used for Torque purposes.

For light conveyors used on packing lines on which rate of production varies in accordance to some industrial parameters (Automation & PID control), direct coupled motor controlled by variable frequency drive may be feasible.

VFD is expensive (capital & running cost) its selectivity should be done carefully among the other available options.

By using a variable frequency drive we can change the speed of an AC Motor, and working for any time on any choosing speed, even in some case we can exceed the speed more than the normal one if the motor can withstand it. Noting that:
1- We should be careful when choosing the type of AC drive that should ne normally done according on the application "Conveyor, Fan, Pump, Compressor, ext " to determine the torque's level at running time.
2- In some special case when the motor runs at too low speed comparing by his normal one, maybe we need a forcing cooling for that motor.
3- Each VFD has a value of the Short Circuit's level that can be withstanded, so, we should be careful of that point.

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