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Soft start motor tripped in fuel oil suction and discharge

First of all check all the component i.e.CB, CT, Heat Element, and the O/L setting then megger the motor to be shore that there is no problem with the motor winding insulation.
After that let the mechanical check the vibration analyses during the start-up also measure the startup currant of the motor and diffidently you will find where is the problem.
It could be a relay setting; or problem in the insulation; or even a problem in the motor itself.

On the other hand, check the motor on No Load condition and tune it to the Soft starter before coupling it to the pump.
Auto Tuning feature is generally inbuilt to Advanced soft starters.
If the No load startup of the motor is perfect, 2 causes arise:
1) Improper design.
2) Viscosity _ this can be tackled if you can make some temporary arrangement for pre-heating to confirm if this is the culprit.

As using soft starter could result in reducing torque of the motor. Soft starter normally reduces starting current by reducing starting voltage. However, decreasing voltage will lead to starting toque reduction. Hence, the motor may take longer time, especially when driving high-inertia load, with somewhat high current until it reach its full speed. Using an inverter will help you get full starting torque or even boost up it to 150-200% while keeping starting current at 150-200% of full load. Installation of heat tracing might also help and economic.

Assuming it is an electrical problem. On a motor of this size it has separate overload protection from the ground fault and short circuit protection. There are tolerance levels for motor that you may not be within. However a megger will not answer all the possibilities with motors unless you are ready to perform polarization index test etc....A power analyzer will allow you to see the operation in real world application. Assuming you have confirmed this is an electrical problem your next step would be to use a power analyser. You should be able to confirm by the signature and different placements of the analyzer the problem. Analyzer should be around all three phases.

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