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10-07-2014 06:45 AM

HMI automation.

Hi everyone,

I am new to HMIs technology, therefore I am not 100% sure about all the available functions of a human machine interface.

I am building a testing box that will provide multiple low voltage outputs (between 0 to 220V - varying from AC to DC), basically a power supply.

I am considering in using a G3 Red Lion plug-in modules HMI, instead of wiring lots of switches, LEDs and buttons. What I want from my HMI configuration is to be able to perform the following:

- Control switches, hence allowing different signals to go through (i.e.: Select 220Vac on the touch screen and turn on the switch connect to the transformer);
- Data log all the values being used;
- Read the output values the display them on the screen;

I am unsure if all those functionalities would work using: DC current/voltage analogue input modules, universal analogue input and analogue output, and digital I/O modules. Initially, budget will not be a problem, so if
you could suggest anything that would help me I would be really grateful.

Many thanks,

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