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MCCB burn out in connection with 22kW motor

125A rated MCCB is connected with 22KW motor. The motor runs in normal condition, no overload. But the contacts of MCCB is burnt out. Why?

When the transition between wye and delta takes place, be very sure that that the mechanical interlocks on the contractors are properly adjusted. If one doesn't completely open before the other closes, you have a line to line fault. That will eventually take out the upstream breaker. Be careful, this is a very dangerous starter. I have been done this road many times.

"Star/delta switching" is delicate maneuver.
* The engine has almost no force to push something more than itself at startup. When it's time for mode switching start to delta, may not happen too quickly. The arcs that occurs when the star contactor switch off, needs a few milliseconds (minimum 20 ms). Typical of an MCCB to go off is 50 ms and on is 20 ms.
* If the load is too high during startup, the engine will get overloaded when switching from star to delta and arcs can become very powerful and devastate even the strongest Components. In case the engine does not start at idle, the start method is directly harmful to both motor and power grids. Instead of a soft and comfortable start, we get instead two powerful surges. (In that case it may be even better with only one MCCB).Should this be the case, there are two solutions: Make sure the engine starts without load or replace the Star/Delta switch to a soft starter.
3: Next step is a frequency converter but then it's about something completely different.

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