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Insulating resistance measurement

Please remember that Insulating resistance (IR) measurement and associated polarization index tests is just one of the many tools used for insulation system integrity analysis. Its value and repeatability is dependent on the environmental condition at the time it is taken; as mentioned temperature, humidity contaminations all contribute/effect the reading.

The baseline figure should be obtained from either factory or during initial commissioning (as per factory condition). So performing commissioning in the rain, dirty surface, high humidity may result in low values for both dry type and oil filled equipment. Low reading in itself does not indicate bad insulation where the machine cannot be returned to service.

The bottom line is assessment lacking or other data would be:
1. The machine was running at it was running ok before the test.
2. The leakage value at operating voltage will be V/R; therefore the heat loss will be I^2R. Is that OK or warrant some corrective measure.
3. PI may approach 1, is that OK or not? Is this mtruly and indication of wet insulation or of resistive value but will still be OK when energized as per 3. above?

IR, PI measurement along with Cap bridge / dissipation tests, PF test and others are performed to ensure the insulation integrity for maintenance and commissioning.

If cable and equipment have gone through routine maintenance, it is good practice to perform these tests and making sure no ground are left before energizing.

Please read a "a stich in time" by Megger.

It by itself is just a test. The test is meaningful.

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