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AM & FM radio

For AM & FM radio & some data communications adding the QP filter make sense.
Now that broadband, wifi, data communications of all sizes & flavours exist - any peak noise is very likely to cause interuptions & loss of integrity of data - all systems are being 'cost reduced' ensuring that they will be more susceptible to noise.
I can understand the reasons for the tightening of the regulations.
BUT, it links in to the other big topic of the moment - the non-linearity of managers.
William is obviously his own manager - I bet if his customer was to ask him to spend an indefinite amount of time fixing all the root causes to meet the spec perfectly without any additional cost it would be a different matter.

Unfortunately for most of us the realities of supervisors wanting projects closed & engineering costs minimized we have to be careful in the choice of phrasing.
Any suggestion that one prototype is 'passing' suddenly can be translated to job finished, & even in our case where the lab manager mostly understands, his boss rarely does & the accountant above him - not at all.

It gets worse than that - at the beginning of a project (RFQ) - the question is "how long will EMC take to fix?" with the expectation if a deterministic answer; the usual response of a snort of derision & how long is a piece of string generally translates to 2 weeks & once set in stone becomes a millstone (sorry mile-stone).

We already have a number of designs that while not intentionally using dithering, do use boundary mode PFC circuits which automatically force the switch frequency to vary over the mains cycle. These may become problematic at some future variation of the wording of the EMC specs.

While I have a great deal of sympathy for the design it right first time approach, the bottom line for any company is - it meets the requirement (today) - sell it!!

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