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How to improve troubleshooting techniques?

The guy asked for suggestions on how to improve troubleshooting techniques. I mentioned this earlier as a "suggestion" for starters but the idea got lost in all the complaining and totally irrelevant responses like the one above.

Proper lay out of inputs and outputs and a "Troubleshooting guide" or flow chart. I have an Aris cablem modem and Netgear wireless router for internet If loose Internet service I can do three things.

A. Pick up the phone, call tech support and wait two days for someone to show up

B. Take them apart and 'DIG INTO THE PROGRAMMING"

C. Read the instructions someone took the time to write. Before I can get an output identified by the LEDs, I have to have the correct inputs identified by the LEDs. It's a waste of time tearing in the "programming" over a loose cable connection somewhere. Same for the wireless router and a bad LAN cable connection or network service issue on the computer. I'm already familiar with the proper LEDs for normal operation. When one goes out it gives me an idea where to start looking before even opening up the instructions which I've downloaded in PDFs for quick access to their "troubleshooting" guides. Maybe the service is off line - there is an LED for that. No TVs either, no service or common upstream cable connection problem, no-brainier. The first thing a Xfinity service tech does is go outside and look for a signal at the house customer jack. It's either in his cable or my house. Once their cable had to be replaced. It mysteriously got damaged right after AT&T dug a big hole in my backyard to upgrade their Uverse service - go figure.

In order to get something to operate output wise, you need a certain amount of inputs to get it. If you don't have a particular output, then look at the trouble shooing guide and see what inputs are required for it. If there are four direct sensor inputs required for a particular output, group them together.

Grouping internal interlocks together helps also when digging into a program like ladder logic instead of hopping through pages of diagrams or text to find everything it takes to get one output. It's a common program development issues to throw in ideas as you program depending on where you are sequentially.

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