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How to connect 3 phase motor?

Making a connection of 3 phase motor the nameplate shows different voltages for delta it is 380-400 volt and 660-690 volt for star, what option should be selected? the supply Line to Line voltage is 380-400.

Each stator winding of the motor can withstand 380-400 V.
Thus, if you connect your motor (the stator of your motor) in delta, it should be connected to 380-400 V line-to-line.

On the other hand, if you connect the stator winding of your motor in Y, you'd be able to connect your motor to line-to-line voltage that is sqrt(3) x 380-400 V = 660-690 V.

The actual output power (for a standard squirrel cage 3-phase AC motor) is not determined by the motor itself, but by the load it is driving. The motor will attempt to run at a speed near its synchronous speed, and to deliver the power required by the driven machinery at that speed. This means that the current taken up by the motor at any given voltage, will be almost the same whether it is star, or delta connected. If you therefore connect the motor in star while supplying it by the voltage it is designed for when delta connected, the current through each winding will be sqrt(3) times the winding is designed for. This again means that the heat dissipation in the winding will be approximately 3 times what it is designed for, and therefore it will burn out if you load the motor with its nominal load.

We should be aware that the motor power as mentioned on its nameplate, in relation with the available power of the MCC panel to which it is connected, are the important factors in choosing the type of starting of the motor. Take into account the fact that starting the motor direct in Delta connection (which is the correct one based on your network voltage) the currents may be up to 8xInomianl of motor and if your MCC doesn’t have the capacity to withstand this current (by decreasing its supply voltage ) you may fail with DOL Delta starting type. Is that why, based on the power of motors, in order to avoid high currents during the starting time, it is recommended the Y/D connection. Limitations in starting currents by Y/D are considerable by decreasing the current first with sqrt3 because the feeding voltage is not 660V (you feed the motor with 380-400V) and the current initially in Y is sqrt3<I delta, so it is 3 times less than Delta DOL. Y/D is not the single one, there are a lot of solution to start AC motors.

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