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Earthing conductors size calculation

1. As per IEE/BS7671, The Minimum cross-sectional area of protective conductor in relation to the cross-sectional area of associated line conductor (Say =S mm2) by taking into consideration that are of same material, as follows:

If S ≤ 16 then the Minimum cross-sectional area of the corresponding earth conductor = S mm2

If 16 < S ≤ 35 then the Minimum cross-sectional area of the corresponding earth conductor = 16 mm2

if S > 16 , then the Minimum cross-sectional area of the corresponding earth conductor = S/2 mm2

2. It may be necessary to verify the same by using the following equation
I²t ≤ S²K

I earth fault current and t tripping time.

while the following equation is applicable for bonding conductor

Zs < 50/Ia where Zs = Earth loop impedance and Ia is protective device operating current

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