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Gozuk: a reliable supplier in China of variable frequency drive inverters, soft starters, input/output filters and related accessories for AC motor control applications.

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AC inverter drive in agitator

Agitator is widely used in the fields of chemical, pharmacy, food, cement, plastic and so on. However, massive energy is being wasted by the agitator as it is always designed with larger capacity but commonly needn't run at the rated speed. In addition, traditional mechanical speed control mode increases wear and tear risk, and also affects operating condition of the agitator.

According to the characteristics of the agitator, it is recommended to install a vector control variable frequency drive to realize reasonable and efficient speed control, and add the bypass function, so as to realize switch between the VFD drive and the power supply. In addition, the vector control inverter drive has multi-step speed function, which can be selected and set according to the material characteristics and chemical reaction time. Gozuk frequency inverter drives also can help realize on line control through its powerful communication function with the industrial control computer and software.

Gozuk inverter drive features
The frequency inverter drives manufactured by Gozuk have been put into use in various industries, including the cement industry, the petrochemical industry, the ceramic industry, heating & ventilation, water supply, etc.
  1. Four control modes for option: V/F control, V/F control with P/G, vector control, and vector control with PG, which enable the AC drive with high starting torque.
  2. Applicable to large inertia load and potential load, with high accuracy. Gozuk GK3000 VFD drive can be better suitable to tough localities as its main circuit adopts the positive and negative bus superposition technology, as well as SCR noncontact technology.
  3. Built-in RS-485 communication port, supporting MODBUS communication protocol.
  4. In the mode of closed-loop, can realize full torque output at zero speed, with speed control range up to 1000:1
  5. Built-in slip compensation function realizes high efficiency.
  6. Advanced motor parameter auto tuning function
  7. Built-in PID regulator
  8. Friendly user interface, large screen LCD. Realize parameter online monitoring, online regulation, and parameter copy function to make operation more convenient.
  9. In the mode of open-loop, can realize rated torque output at low speed, speed control range hits 100:1
  10. Torque control function enables the motor be able to run with a constant torque
  11. Built-in automatic torque compensation function realizes high starting torque.
  12. Less pollution to power supply

On the operation desk, the user can enable RUN/STOP, and speed control functions, and monitoring is also accessible through sending the frequency and current signals back to the operation desk in the control room.

After reconstruction, the system can meet all the requirements of the previous soft start system. What is more important, the user can maintain the operating frequency of the inverter drives at 40HZ, which is enough for its normal production. The current at the input side is around 630A, representing an energy saving rate up to 32%, compared with the previous 910A. Since the installation of the variable frequency drive, it has been working smoothly. In addition, it helps the user secure a mass of maintenance and repair cost as it can effectively prolong the useful life of the blowers.

Other Applications:

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Variable frequency drive for pumps Like fans, using a variable frequency drive (VFD) to control the flow rate from a pump rather than using simple throttle control can result in large power – and therefore cost savings. This is illustrated in following Figure, where the broken line indicates the power input to a fixed-speed motor and the solid line indicates the power input to a variable frequency drive. The shaded area represents the power saved by using a variable frequency drive for a given flow.
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Variable frequency drive for Chinaware ball mill It is commonly said that it is hard to perform energy saving reconstruction to the Chinaware ball mill. However, this machine always contributes at least 80% of the factory's total power consumption. To respond to the government's appeal, Gozuk launched a new series variable frequency drive - that can be used in the Chinaware ball mill. Field operation from a famous ceramic plant in Foshan, Guangdong province, shows that Gozuk AC drive has high performance and high reliability, which can help the factory secure about 10% production cost.
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