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What is the best laptop for field work?

Dell D630 - it is the best laptop for field use I have used. And for some applications standard RS232 port is a must. We have Freja 300 test set which totally refuses to communicate with PC via widely available cheap USB-to-serial adapters. The only usable adapter I have found is semi-industrial type, costing about 50 Euro. Not that a price is so much concern, but it is not very convenient to deal with additional boxes, power supply units for them, etc. when commissioning at field.

But I do not expect you will have problems connecting Omicron via converters. We have been used CPC256 via various USB-RS232 converters without serious problems.
For communication with relay protections from Siemens and AREVA never had problems too. Cannot remember how it was with older ABB relays (last case we used them was 4 years ago), but newer ABB series are all with Ethernet communications.

So my advice will be - by special laptop for field work, not mix it with that for everyday office use. Load it with the minimal necessary software - MS Word, Excel, Adobe Reader, Omicron's Test Universe and software for relays which will test.
For all these needs most older type laptops (4-5 years older) would be sufficient and you can buy for 200-300 Euro solid business class laptop. And also very important: look for non-glossy displays only!

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