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Gozuk: a reliable supplier in China of variable frequency drive inverters, soft starters, input/output filters and related accessories for AC motor control applications.

Home » News » Gozuk launch a simple online calculator of VFD savings

Gozuk launch a simple online calculator of VFD savings

May 16, 2014 22:23 PM
Gozuk notes that not all people understanding the return on investment (ROI) of a variable frequency drive (VFD) can provide, so we launched a simple online calculator that can estimate the energy saving ratio and payback time.

This online energy saving calculator help potential buyers to have an initial idea of buying a variable frequency drive for fan and pump applications.

We would say that exact energy saving is not possible to be calculated, due to many things going on when the application is working, load change, material characteristics, efficiency, mechanical coupling, cycle of the process... many VFD manufacturers have their own software that can give you good value about energy savings which almost of the time free like ours. But if you want to make good thing you've got to make the mechanical scheme, with efficiency of each and calculate for dedicated load the current used and see how much you have.