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Read control wiring diagram of relays in substation

There is a ANSI/IEEE standard that defines the standard number identification for electrical devices. You will find that some of the more common ones are 50 over current, 51 short terms over current, 27 under voltage, 59 over voltage, and 50G ground over current detection relay.

Older installations may have the older electro-mechanical relays. Mst installations have converted to using sensing devices that transmit to PLC, DCS or protective relays. Today's protective relays are essentially PCs that monitor a number of power system parameters for metering or protection purposes. They also have programmable outputs and settings.

As stated previously, search the web for some examples or guidelines on electrical schematics. There is also a reference standard develop by IEEE and ISA to define the symbols used to represent the hardware or software functions that input to PLCs or are the functions within the PLC (or DCS). The older form of schematics was drawn horizontally, but the same ladder logic used today is drawn vertically with each line numbered in sequential order. The line numbers are used in the device identification and as a reference in the PLC programming.

It can be confusing, but think of items in series as AND logic versus items in parallel being OR logic. Understanding the And / OR logic will enable you understand how the respective logic components function on an electronic card used in a PLC.
I recommend that you join IEEE and ISA. They usually have local chapters that meet to network and share information. It is also a good way to network and meet persons at other companies and of course meet vendors who are eager to meet persons who work for engineering firms that they market to.

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