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Electrical equipment in hazardous areas

With regards to hazardous areas, Electrical equipment to be installed in those areas should comply with the zone classification. I believe the location where you are intending to install this motor would have been classified according to your local classification standards or IEC 60079 for Liquid/gas/vapour explosives OR IEC 61241 for dusts. Therefore your motor should is to be certified to be installed in those areas, to verify this information you can ask the manufacturer or supplier to provide the Certificate of conformity.

Other information to be looked at, when installing the hazardous motors with soft starters/variable frequency drive etc, the IEC requirements state that
- both motor & VFD to be certified and type tested together
- IP ratings, protection technique, temp class, gas group to comply with zone classification

It is critical to remember that the starting torque is reduced by the square, as the voltage is reduced. So at 70% voltage, the torque is down to 50%. That is where I have experienced the most trouble with soft starts.

It's probably important to model or have someone model your load versus the motor torque on the soft starter, to make sure the motor will start, and that it doesn't take so long to accelerate the load that it causes excessive heating, or trips overloads.

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