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04-06-2014 01:27 AM

VFD used as main power supply question

I currently started with a new company and they have received a Chiller direct from China.  The chiller is rated for 380VAC 50Hz.  My company is wanting to use a VFD (Schneider ATV312, to be exact) to run the chiller.  The chiller has its own controls so the intention is to use the VFD to convert 480VAC 60Hz to 380VAC 50Hz permanently. 

I have run VFDs on pumps and motors but have never used it as a main transformer in a sense.  Is this possible or are we going to see issues?  I would assume the VFD is not seeing the same frequency on all 3 phases and this could be an issue.  I tried explaining this to my superiors but they seem to think a VFD is a "transformer in a smaller box."  Can somebody please clarify this and help me to understand if this will or will not work.

Thanks for the help.
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