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Sarah Bastianello
01-01-2014 07:13 PM

Use the sea as functional platform for the production of Solar Energy

Have you ever thought to use the sea as functional platform for the production of Solar Energy? We have General Membrane has been chosen for the research project of EU promoted by The Malta Council for Science & Technology (MCST):

SOLAQUA – Innovative Photovoltaics on water

The project will see as main characters General Membrane and the Physic Department of Malta University that will collaborate in order to develop offshore photovoltaic installation.
In fact it’s important to consider that an photovoltaic installation of about 10MW take up more or less thirty football fields and it’s know that often in island there is not this amount of space available.
With SOLAQUA, General Membrane and the University of Malta will test the possibility to use the see as support for the production of clean energy.
General Membrane’s technical staff has design the ultra-light rafts adaptable to the wave where the PV module will be placed. The floating rafts will host the thin film photovoltaic modules General Solar PV, that will be hooked to the support thanks to the an hooking system similar to the principle of General Fix patented by General Membrane.
General Solar PV has been chosen between all the products presented for its uniqueness that make it the perfect product both for ambitious research project and for the production of clean energy on roofs.
The participation to SOLAQUA project is a further demonstration of the role of General Membrane as company with a great competence and cutting-edge products.
01-01-2014 09:16 PM
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Melody Tsui
01-01-2014 09:16 PM
Wow! It sounds very interesting. But I really have never thought about that. If you plan to use the sea as platform, there must be lots of technique issues needed to be solved, like how to install it and keep the stability and efficiency of the panels as the ever-changing climate and sea level? How do you think abou it? And will the area be more sparing of resource or efficient?
01-02-2014 12:12 AM
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Sarah Bastianello
01-02-2014 12:12 AM
Dear Melody,
well the project is still on its starting phase, so we'll test soon the platforms at the labs of Malta University and we are going to keep update our website with news on the various phases of the project. For the efficiency, actually the sea brings several benefits to the modules efficiency, infact, a part that General Solar PV by itself as a great efficiency not only with direct irradiation but also with scattered light, the sea lows the module temperature.
01-02-2014 02:55 AM
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James Brown
01-02-2014 02:55 AM
Will the fact all the sunlight is being blocked from going into the sea not aff3ect marine life?
01-02-2014 05:47 AM
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Sarah Bastianello
01-02-2014 05:47 AM
James, the area covered won't be huge, and it will be divided in different platforms so to allow the diffusion of light under the water. Anyway the system will not be blaced close to the shore line, but it will be placed in deep waters.
01-02-2014 08:22 AM
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William B. Hawley
01-02-2014 08:22 AM
tarkovacs systems an engineering and design office in France has developed a true "virtual econmic cycle" specifically for islands, countries, states, cities, towns and large industrial areas with ocean coastline. I have had individuals contact me from Malta about the project, which makes for concern as to why they are proceeding with an inferior technology as compared to the innovations and design by TKS.

Sarah the floating rafts project will not achieve autonomy, energy independence or economic growth in revenues from the sea. As TKS has deliberately turned towards the ecological and economic constraints to come, with continued global decisions to address climate issues, technological applications of Tar Kovacs Systems are a step and one-half ahead of many programs under current operation.

Our off shore Platforms for multi-power energy production allows for the building of any application at sea with no competition by technical and economic factors. TKS has plans for two versions of a “subsurface platform”. This is a floating platform of low cost installation, maintenance and security that has the ability to collect energy from dozens of wind turbines, tidal turbines, photovoltaic receptors, temperature exchanger(s) turbines, stream turbines and more. All operations are managed by the structure, partially immersed and remain on its position, with ability to modify and make corrections according to environmental variations. During extreme weather conditions like tornados, tsunamis, hurricanes or typhoons the power station self-disconnects itself and dives as deep as necessary to secure itself until the danger has passed, and then on transmission of alert lifted, the power station repositions itself and self re-connects at the working position point. This platform is our favorite because it does not require any work or accommodation in sea; it has near zero installation costs; it has automatic secure positioning in advance of destructive elements (see case “Oceanlinx”); the power station uses one single connection to the coast running dozens of turbines; it holds constant compensation of energy production through intermittent periods; it has no visual pollution; it does not obstruct electronic navigation or fishing; it does not create an “eye sore” to the island view and surrounding beauty and does not damage the sea bed or sea life activities in anyway. We are ready to speak, lecture and collaborate with Universities towards the achievement of these goals mentioned. With island sponsorship from the government of Malta, we would love to collaborate with General Membrane and the Physics Department at the University of Malta.
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