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Start by
Chris Roseman
12-29-2013 10:23 AM

Companies to avoid in NC and SC: SolarTek & NC Solar Now

These two companies (SolarTek & NC Solar Now) are the kinds of "business" people that give the industry a bad name. They sold me a system that does not work and they refuse to stand behind their work, making the technology look bad. Being an engineer myself, I know the difference between bad technology and bad people, but to the hundreds of others these two companies have ripped off... it has given the industry a black eye. Those of us interested in this emerging market have to fight unscrupulous people and flashy salesmen to maintain respect and interested in solar power as a way of life for the individual.
Please do everything you can to keep people like this from spreading deceit and distrust.
12-29-2013 12:30 PM
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Izak Shrira
12-29-2013 12:30 PM
Try to post it on their facebook wall as well
12-29-2013 03:00 PM
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Steven Grippi
12-29-2013 03:00 PM
This is a huge problem in California as un-qualified companies get into the business. I see it everyday.
12-29-2013 05:33 PM
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Roberto Helmeyer
12-29-2013 05:33 PM
well my friend that happen because you no check customer referral before .. i'm installer and sale good product, every time a visit any customer before they ask me for my project i give to they my referral customer if they like we make a deal and close the sale .. that is very important for any customer doing solar system.. please check referral first ... PS in SC we have Good Company and i thing so in NC too .. thanks have a nice day
12-29-2013 07:39 PM
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Chris Roseman
12-29-2013 07:39 PM
Thank you for the far too late advice that everyone does, they of course provide advice from people who are happy. If anyone has any constructive ideas please share.. id like to put these guys out of business.
12-29-2013 10:10 PM
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Dana Moore
12-29-2013 10:10 PM
File formal complaint with the Better Business Bureau? I had a complaint against a company and I called the State Attorney General's office. They (NC) jumped on it. Before it was over, that company had to settle with every State, I was one of the first in NC. You may be the tip of the iceberg, Good Luck and Bravo to you for standing up!
12-30-2013 12:28 AM
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Chris Roseman
12-30-2013 12:28 AM
Yes, we are in that process now of gathering info for the state's AG's office, I have also contacted various liciesing boards.
12-30-2013 02:49 AM
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Anna Kachur
12-30-2013 02:49 AM
Thank you for informing Chris
12-30-2013 05:21 AM
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John Bulik
12-30-2013 05:21 AM
Hi Chris,
Thanks for sharing your experience. I am a former employee of SolarTek energy of Denver and it saddens me to hear this news. The Colorado branch of SolarTek is locally owned by the most ethical people I ever met. They have lost money on projects just to keep the cutomer happy. With what you said, it sounds like you should be looking for an attorney. I am curious to know more details of your situation and will offer advice to help if I can.
12-30-2013 08:15 AM
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Morten Bentzen
12-30-2013 08:15 AM
Hi Chris
I wonder what is wrong with your equipment ?
Do you know exactly what is wrong ?
Is it a module that is not working, mounted in a serial string ?
Is it Inverter problem ?
Has it been mounted wrong, so there are shadows on the panels ?
Is it a cable problem ?
12-30-2013 10:40 AM
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regan du
12-30-2013 10:40 AM

I'm so sorry to hear about it.

As a salesman,I think there are something wrong with your company.
First you should know more about the people who sell sth to you.
Second,if the price of solar system is very lower,you must consider the defect or disadvantages of the ssytem when you decide to buy it.
Third,most solar companies are very responsible to the cutomers,because they want to make its brand known all over the world except the cheater.
Fourth,about the solar panels,in my opinion,you could choose the panels from factory.
Either the price or the quality would be guaranteed.
Fifth,if you need solar panels with 25years power warranty and 5 years product warranty and the international certification,including CE,ISO,TUV,MCS.Pls contact me by email or Tel,yabang solar will offer the best service for you.
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