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Doug Comeau
02-24-2014 09:50 PM

Find the best pump/IPS solution?

I have a customer that is expanding his cranberry operation. I supplied them with the piping and he has now asked if I can supply the pumps/IPS and sprinklers. I work in municipal waterworks and have zero experience with irrigation systems. As I'm sure you can understand....I have many questions. I'll start with the what I do know: I know the dimensions of the expansion area, the individual bed dimensions, lateral line size by bed, nozzle size, estimated/required PSI by lateral, GPM and that the water is going to be drawn from a retention pond. There is an existing 20 acre field that may end up being irrigated using this new system. What additional information do I require in order to find the best pump/IPS solution? Is there an industry standard worksheet or guide lines to follow? Should I just call a pump supplier and give him the info I have and let them make a recomendation? Is there a preferred brand of pump? Would 2 smaller pumps be more efficient than 1 larger pump? I want to understand the "why this pump over that pump" scenarios, etc. I apologize for being long winded and will appreciate any and all feedback.

Thanks for your time,

02-25-2014 12:01 AM
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Anis Hamdani Zuberi
02-25-2014 12:01 AM
1. You should call a pump supplier. He will guide you about the requirements.
2. Two smaller pumps are better than one single larger pump. Also you can consider VFD drive for pumps.
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