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04-03-2014 05:22 AM

Phase Loss Error - Delta VFD


I'm using a Delta DFV007M43 with a 1HP, 3-phase motor. However, the VFD keeps halting with an indication of PHL. On the manual, it is written Phase loss error. Does anyone have experience with this VFD? How to disable the Phase loss detection?

I have tried searching on the internet and tested all ways that was mentioned:

1. Unplug the motor and run the VFD. Phase loss occurred, so it's not the motor's problem.
2. Change the start/stop control from BUS to keypad on device. Phase loss still occurs.
3. Disconnect all other connection from the VFD except source and motor and run the VFD. Phase loss still occurs.

I need help!!! Contacted Delta but they did not reply yet. Thanks in advance.